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Company Profile
Company name Fukushima Rattan Industrial Co.Ltd.
Address 75 Chokoji-cho, Omihachiman-shi, Shiga 523-0013
Phone +81-748-37-6077
Fax +81-748-37-6782
Management Tsutomu Fukushima, Manager
@ Mitsuru Fukushima, Deputy Manager
Capital paid 10 million yen
History of the Company
May 1924 On May 1st, 1924, our store, under private management started
operations under the name of Fukushima Ajiro Rattan Mats Plant
Jul 1937-
August 1953
Closed for business because raw materials were unavailable,
and imports were suspended
Sept 1953 Import of raw materials resumed and the company was back in business.
Sept 1959 On the occasion of the royal wedding of The Crown Prince, "A
Rattan Ajiro Carpet" was given. Commendations were awarded by
The Imperial Household Agency. Sales of cane furniture began.
April 1962 Company name changed to Fukushima Kogyo K. K,for marketing purposes.
Sept 1962 In Taiwan, with the aid of technical assistance, cane products, furniture, and mats began to be imported
Jun.1972 Company name changed to Fukushima Industrial Co. Ltd to increase sales, and various kinds of machinery were introduced with state-of-the-art techniques.
Mar1973 New headquarters building completed.
Mar1982 Qualified as flame-retardation (treatment) approved plant.
Oct1991 Capital increased to 10 million yen.
Oct2002 Patents were filed for a new product called "The Rattan Tile Carpet."