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  Life with a rattan  
Welcome to the world of Rattan
No other plants in the world,have the strength and vitality of Rattan plants.
A Rattan plant grows upwards at a remarkably fast speed, in dimly lit tropical rainforest jungles, in pursuit of sunrays up in the sky.
A Rattan plant has a sharp spine in the stem, and leaves that have bamboo grass like texture. The leaves are covered with thin skins. The stem contains 40%-50% moisture.

Sometimes a Rattan plant can grow over one hundred meters.
About 300 species of plants are classified as Rattan plants, of which 30 species are used for commercial purposes.
Some plants grow both tall, and have a thick appearance. Others remain slender in appearance,
as they grow.
Some are thick when they begin to grow, and then change their thickness. Rattan plants can be hard or soft, and have course or fine fibres.Therefore many plants have many kinds of properties.
To make two generalisations, Rattan plants with large diameters are needed to produce the framework for cane furniture, while Rattan plants with small diameters are split into thin strips to become material that can be interwoven, and wound.
Generally, Rattan mats/carpets with a large number of interwoven strips ( the width of one cane ), are considered to produce high quality mats/carpets, and are eye-pleasing at the same time.
Rattan has a hard and sturdy natural enamel property, and it is difficult to scratch.
It is easy to maintain, and does not decay, even after decades of use.
Rattan mats/carpets do not need any chemical coatings, and are often purchased by people because they are bodily friendly. A special quality of a Rattan mat/carpet is that the pleasant aroma of a mat/carpet increases over time.
Furthermore, the natural enamel property of a Rattan mat/carpet provides a fresh and cool sensation on a hot summer day, and reduces the effects of cold temperatures on a winter day.

  A Super Rattan Tile Mat/Carpet produced by Fukushima Rattan Industrial Co. Ltd  
Body-friendly I am body-friendly   Safe I do not include substances
Recently it has been discovered that a Rattan mat/carpet has
anti-bacterial properties which can fight bacteria. A Rattan tile is both an environmentally, and bodily friendly product.
  No advesive is either contained or used at the time of installation.
The tiles do not contain any harmful chemical substances either.
Simple I take by one portion and can be replaced
Super Rattan tiles are installed by tape. Tiles can be replaced easily, and therefore it is easy to maintain your mat. This also prevents you from having to throw out a whole mat/carpet, for a completely new one.