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Adding a beautiful tint to your relaxing teime...
Super Rattan Tile
Rattan tiles make the best of rattan texture and are
easy to install.
Rattan tiles mats/carpets are both environmentally-friendly,and in a special way,body-friendly.
The new Rattan tile mats use natural rattan. The Rattan tile mats/carpets provide a very pleasant aroma, and can be used as a floor material in all rooms, including rooms where water is used, such as bathrooms and restrooms.
Problems that were present in conventional tile mats/carpets , involving, for instance, warpjng and installation, have been resolved.
The Super Rattan tiles do not require harmful adhesives when installed, and thus this is bodily-friendly, not only for those putting in the tiles, but also the residents as well.
Product Description
Article No. ST-3000

Surface material: 100% rattan
Backside material: PET nonwoven fabric

About 9mm thick

About 3.4 kg/m2
One case

containing 16 tiles
Article No. ST-4000

Surface material: 100% rattan
Backside material: PET nonwoven fabric

About 7mm thick

About 2.4 kg/m2
One case

containing 20 tiles
Flame retardant testing No

EO 030078
1. As Super Rattan tiles can be fixed on cushion-flooring as well as normal flooring, using special-purpose pressure-sensitive adhesive double coated tape, no adhesive deposits occur on the floor, material when the tiles are removed. Also by using this tape, the effects of harmful substances caused by adhesives, can be avoided.

2. Since no adhesive is used, unlike in normal installations, partial repair, and replacement can be conducted easily.

3. Adhesives containing organic solvent such as toluene, can cause (sick house syndrome) problems for the house.
These are not used.
Rubber-based adhesives, that are conventionally used may contain toluene.

4. On the needlepunched nonwoven reverse side of the tiles, a special moisture proofing is provided.

5. There are no distinctive smells emitted by the mats/carpets, that come from rubber based materials.